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Institutions are the formal laws and informal norms that constrain and shape economic decisions. They determine the property rights and transaction costs that together with technology and transformation costs affect economic There are four dimensions to sustainable development – society, environment, culture and economy performance.

Design thinking is a non-linear, iterative process that teams use to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test. Involving five phases—Empathize, Define, Ideate and Prototype and Test—it is most useful to tackle problems that are ill-defined or unknown.

Information design is the practice of presenting information in a way that makes it most accessible and easily it draws the viewer in and takes them on a mini-journey. Not only does it help makes information more accessible. understood by users. Information design is targeted to specific audiences in specific situations to meet defined objectives.

Design Theory and Methodology (DTM) integrates creative, analytical, and reflective group assignments with the best podcasts, readings, and individual exploration to give you the opportunity of developing more nuanced and thoughtful ways of describing designing. What you won’t get in this course is more design methods.