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Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist is software that ensures that no customer call goes and resolve basic customer needs.

Live Text Support

Live Text uses on device intelligence and networks to unlock information, or text, captured in your photographs.

Send Ready Message

Sending text messages to multiple customers with similar content, you can make use of an SMS template.

Build collaboration through messages

Offering easy to understand solutions not only helps prevent confusion or additional requests but also shows the customer that you value their time and to help them.

Arrange meetings on any platform

Planning meetings can help establish the goals and timeline for a company initiative or project. Meetings are important because they give a clear sense of direction.

Communication via automatic actions

Task automation refers to the use of software to complete work activities. Task automation improves the accuracy & consistency and powers more efficient processes.

Our blessed clients said about their experience

Mila McSabbu

Freelance Designer

“We were blown away when we saw Mixland. The combination of social, email, knowledge base, mobile, ets.”

Robert Fox

UI/UX Designer

“Mixlandhas helped us become much more efficient. Provided consistency in messaging too. It’s not a lot of voices.”

Jenny Wilson

Web Developer

"Mixland is a very friendly tool. As it sits inside Gmail, it doesn’t give you an alien feel. Complexities of a ticketing."

Wade Warren

Director, Technology

“We test and compare the best support management software for collaborating with a team, hitting deadlines.”

Savannah Nguyen

Support Manager

“Support desk is the skimping on core features. It's strong at enabling with collaboration on visual materials.”

Cody Fisher

Director of IT

“Support to be a team's best option for project management, but when all the stars align, it's a powerful tool.”

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